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  • 12/29/2016 Went to Margaret Rose Skin Care & Spa this afternoon. Facial was great, Margaret was great and the setting ..... yes, also great. I feel like I made a new friend.

    Mary Ann Burke...West Islip

  • Margaret is amazing! She has helped me with my skin for about four years now with everything from acne to hair removal. She is patient and caring and goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and refreshed after an appointment. Her spa is beautiful and clean. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else for your skincare needs!

    Emily M.

  • Just Came Home From Margaret Rose Skin Care & Spa and My Face Feels, So Clean And Wonderful.I Bought Some Products I'm So Happy She Dose a Great Job Every time ..See you Next Week For My Daughters Teen Facial and Next Month For Mine ..Thank You So Much ♡

    Cori M.

  • I just got back from the most AMAZING facial from Margaret Rose! I went to see her because at 43 I have been experiencing breakouts like a teenager. I had went to a dermatologist who did not help me at all. I finally made an appointment with Margaret after hearing the most amazing things! I can tell you she did not disappoint, she assessed my skin and proceeded to talk me through every application AND gave me the most unbelievable arm, foot and head massage! It was like getting two spa treatments in one! My face looks and feels like new already, will definitely be going back next month and I highly recommend everyone go see her! Thank you Margaret Rose

    Marisa S,

  • As a professional in the beauty industry I will tell you to look no further then this spa....atmosphere is enchanting and relaxing.....Margaret is a truly knowledgeable and amazing esthetician she truly takes pride in what she does and it shows....my skin was suffering from unusual breakouts and not only did she fix my skin but it is back and better then ever and I got to take home an excellent regimen of products that have been working like a charm.....don't look any further then this spa it was truly an amazing experience !!!

    Harlo Bernstein

  • My first visit to Margaret Rose Spa yesterday and it was so relaxing. I love my eyebrow wax and tinting. I am looking forward to my next visit. Margaret is wonderful and very knowledgeable.

    Karena Lastorino

  • July 5 at 1:32pm · I loved my eyelash tint and perm. People continuously compliment me on how amazing they look!!

    Rating: Taylor McDonough

  • Got the classic organic facial and I was beyond relaxed. I have rosacea and this facial greatly reduced my redness and calmed my skin. I also got a RF treatment for red spots on my face and shoulder. The results of the RF are ABSOLUTELY incredible and a total transformation. Margaret truly cares about her customers and I would recommend her services to anyone.

    Alyssa M.

  • May 11, 2016 Margaret is the best!!! She really makes u feel so comfortable and relaxed. Every time I see her I leave feeling so calm and beautiful. My skin looks amazing and feels great! Can't thank her enough!!!

    Rating: Jackie Rogers

  • April 12, 2016· Great experience at Margaret Rose Spa today. Best facial ever. Will definitely go back!!!

    Rating: Dawn Vilard

  • Gina Smeraldi reviewed Margaret Rose Skin Care & Spa

    Rating Gina Smeraldi

  • Kim McLamb Colonna reviewed Margaret Rose Skin Care & Spa — 5 star April 1, 2016

    Rating: Kim McLamb Colonna

  • Christa Dehncke Dean reviewed Margaret Rose Skin Care & Spa — 5 star March 6, 2016

    Rating Christa Dehncke Dean

  • March 5 · 2016 Visited Margaret Roses Skin Care today and had a great experience. The location is so easy to find, clean and relaxing! As always Margaret offered the best service. Her facials change my life one appointment at a time. :)

    Rating: Deirdre Schaefer

  • March 3 · 2016 The BEST facial I have ever gotten! Margaret is professional, knowledgable, warm and welcoming. I leave Margaret feeling refreshed and most importantly relaxed, a whole new person :)

    Rating: Agnieszka Aneta

  • May 30, 2015 · I had a wonderful experience with Margaret Rose. She is very knowledgeable about skincare and a lovely person, on top of that! I highly recommend paying her a visit for a most excellent and relaxing facial

    Rating: Rose Violet

  • May 25, 2015 · Margaret is great, she is very comforting! After my first laser treatment, I left feeling great, it was quick, easy and painless.

    Rating: Stephanie NM

  • May 8, 2015 · I had a facial with Margaret and it was one of the best I have had! Cannot wait for the next one!

    Rating: Natasha Larrondo Zacek

  • May 15, 2015 · I had a Brazilian laser with Margaret.....she has some of the best service skills I've experienced in a while. Given the service she made me feel so comfortable and the job was very quick and effective.

    Rating: Zsejke Tusa

  • March 25, 2015 · I went to Margaret for a facial recently and not only did I leave feeling totally refreshed and relaxed, but my skin was glowing and felt so smooth & soft. Her smile and warmth are inviting & comforting. Looking forward to going back. :) Oh and did I mention the price is very affordable, Go for it~ you are worth it!

    Rating: Linda Killeen

  • August 4, 2014 - I have had bad experiences in the past as my skin is extremely sensitive. I suffered from acne, dry skin and irregular shading. After many failed attempts by other estheticians I gave up on looking and feeling my best. Until I met Margaret. She has changed my life by making my skin look years younger and healthier. I am so happy with the long term results of her gentle yet effective treatments. She understands the skin. She also has one of the most pleasant personalities. I would highly recommend her.less

    Rating: Elizabeth Klein

  • February 11, 2014- Before I started going to Margaret my skin was a mess. I tried numerous skin care products that all worked for a month and then my skin would get used to them and go back to being even more of a mess. Even Proactive - that product was terrific for month and then my skin was a wreck again even while I used it. I couldn't win. Then I met Margaret. I remember joking with her pointing at a beautiful young girl in a magazine and saying "Oh, yeah? Can you make me look like this?" And she smiled, "Yes, dar'lin I can." I began arranging bi-weekly appointments with Margaret and then monthly and now I am doing every three months. People ask me if I lost weight? If I got botox? If I am in love? lol. They know something is very different about me and it is. It's my skin. It is clear and clean and flawless and I have Margaret to thank. She said she could give me the type of skin she had and she did! Now no matter what products I use I have the base for clear skin - no pimples, no blotches or spots. Thank you Margaret! You have a life long client in me.

    Rating: Jill De Sena

  • September 17, 2013 · West Islip · I've been getting the signature spa facial with Margaret once a month now for several months. I have always seen a huge improvement in my acne-prone skin after a treatment and have recently been receiving a lot of complements about my skin. Margaret always does a wonderful job and leaves me feeling very relaxed and refreshed, but my last facial was one of the best. I was so excited and happy to hear Margaret say that while she usually uses an anti-acne masque, today she was going to try something different because I NO LONGER HAD ACNE! Thanks Margaret for making my skin beautiful!

    Michelle Cangelosi